We offer investments on the following SEBI approved products:

Alternative Investment Funds

Samvitti Capital is the sponsor and investment manager to the following Category III AIF funds formed under the Securities and Exchange Board of India Alternative Investment Fund Regulations (2012) :

  1. Samvitti Capital Alternative Investment Fund – This was a three year closed ended long-only AIF. The Fund was benchmarked against the CNX Nifty Index over the life of the fund – a first. This fund is completed its tenure and capital returned to the investors. Over the three year period starting June 2015, this fund outperformed its benchmark by 30%.
  2. Samvitti Capital Alpha Fund – This is an open-ended long-short fund with quarterly redemption which seeks to generate absolute returns by positioning itself on both the long and short side of the markets using various strategies.
  3. Samvitti Capital Alpha Opportunities Fund – This is an open-ended fund which will focus on taking advantage of market volatility by employing short term strategies like price momentum, event-based momentum, index long-short, special situations et al. This fund will carry limited positional exposure across days.


For fund documents and other fund information please contact Samvitti Capital Pvt Ltd at investor-relations@samvitticapital.com

Portfolio Management Services

Samvitti also offers discretionary portfolio management services via its SEBI approved Portfolio Management Services. The objective is to generate positive absolute returns from equities by investing in high quality businesses. The recommended time horizon for this vehicle is at least 12 months and is open to domestic individuals, corporates and NRIs.

Disclosure Document (PDF, 1.38 mb) PMS FAQ (PDF, 157 kb)

Non Discretionary Portfolio Advisory Service

Improvisation/Advice on an existing portfolio by recommending changes to existing stocks/mutual funds and their allocation. Over a period of time, the idea is to build a core equity portfolio and a portfolio of select equity & debt mutual funds. Being non-discretionary, the client however makes on the final decision on implementing/executing the advice.

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